Fashion evolves constantly, and because fashion designers and people’s ideas change, new ideas for shapes and colours are imagined, and people look for something new. In 2000 our business evolved from creating our own fashion label made in Ireland, to representing strong International brands on the Irish and UK markets. The founders are, Frank Bartley, who has a vast knowledge of fashion, fabrics and fashion marketing, together with Mary Chapman who worked as a fashion designer for many years. They combined their knowledge and strengths to source International niche fashion brands, paying particular attention to innovative design, fit, fabric and finish during their selection.

We work as intermediaries between Fashion brands and speciality boutiques and department stores. We treat our customers as partners, and it is our goal to establish lasting relationships with them, by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional customer service. Continued communication with our customers and designers is fundamental to our success, ensuring maximum exposure and sell through for the brands, while protecting our customer’s exclusivity in the current market environment. We work with strong brands that can supply and deliver with continuity, so all parties can grow together for mutual success.

We love the challenges of merchandising, promoting and brand building for a new designer. Our knowledgeable sales team listen to feedback from our customers and we are constantly looking for new ideas. The drive to be individual is what is driving niche brands success at the moment, more than ever customers are searching for something that is unique and well made. If you are interested in our brands and would like to join us on our journey, we would love to talk to you.

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