Mat de Misaine

Mat-de-Misaine was founded in France in 1990, the first collections set the tone by visiting the traditional clothing of fisherman. Today the brand is inspired by the maritime environment and discusses the art of living on the west coast, the weekend by the sea, a family house on the coast of Noirmoutier, long walks between dunes and pines in Cap Ferret, a bike ride on the the wild coast of the Island of Yeu, waves slamming on the walled city of Saint Malo.

Their Winter and Summer coats are always best sellers, they are simply very well made, waterproof, breathable and very attractively designed. Synonymous with quality and durable garments, excellent cut and distinctive details in the finishing, when you buy Mat-de-Misaine you know that you will be able to wear it year after year, this is a classic French brand worth discovering.

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